Signal ENG is a brand name of Signal Telecommunications Inc.; A US based company, founded in 2004 with distributors many countries. Over the last 7 years Signal Telecom has developed reliable portable uplink solutions which use multiple cellular devices simultaneously.

We provide a real time video uplink solution at broadcast quality. Signal ENG portable uplink devices capable of bundling up to five different Internet connections with extraordinary flexibility. If one of the connections is lost, the others are still available and the Internet connection will not be broken. The bandwidth will be reduced by the capacity of the lost connection. Also, latency differences can be leveled comfortably.

Signal ENG portable uplink devices are used in four continents by TV stations, news agencies, government agencies, and more.

Public Safety

It is critically important to communicate effectively in a crisis. Signal Telecom Portable Uplink Solutions help you broadcast your message clearly and effectively to constituents. Signal Telecom Portable Uplink Solutions is a reliable and stable tool for commanders, to carry the immediate message and inform every unit in the field, wherever they are.

Corporate & Non Profit

Signal Telecom Portable Uplink Solutions help you effectively train and invigorate customers, prospects and partners about your new products. At the time of emergency, our solutions help you broadcast your message on a personal level and share it with customers, employees, and partners to ensure a positive outcome.


Signal Telecom Portable Uplink Solutions provide colleges and universities of all sizes with the ability to broadcast live classes to students at remote locations or at satellite campuses. Our solutions enable students to participate in classes live and in real-time with high-quality video and audio.

Entertainment & Media

Signal Telecom Portable Uplink Solutions has been used for live content acquisition at live reality shows, premiers, fashion shows, talk shows, concerts, and local events. Signal Telecom offers easy live content acquisition to TV shows that rely on feeds from the streets.

News & Sports

News agencies and TV stations have been using high cost satellite transmission for decades. Signal Telecom offers SD or HD quality portable uplink solutions which is alternative to satellite, microwave trucks and fiber transmission. With signal telecom’s cellular-based live broadcast equipment a single reporter can create and transmit content whenever and wherever there is a story. More teams can be in the field without broadcast vans and additional equipment. You will have more live content, and this will help you to generate more revenue.